What are termites?


Termites are social insects that feed on wood and other cellulosic materials. They flourish in the presence of moisture. The colony lives cooperatively in mixed groups (castes). The members of a colony differ in their form and function. The basic forms are the workers, the hoplites, the winged breeding individuals or swarmer, the queen, and the king. The caste’s population depends on the colony’s needs.

The workers are the colony’s most populated caste (almost 95%), they live up to two years and are the ones who do most of the damage since one of their roles is to feed the others.

The hoplites (fighters) just like the workers are blind and wingless. Their role is defensive and they protect the colony from its enemies.

The swarmers go out during spring or autumn with the purpose of creating a new colony and they are the ones with wings.

The queen creates the colony by giving birth to thousands of eggs daily, lives up to 10-30 years, depending on the type, and is our target. Because her tracking is impossible the method of handling is also the method of extermination.

Any effort of reconstruction without the interference of a professional exterminator will only result in a new food source for the termites or possibly change their course, either way, the damage is inevitable and absolute.

Termite’s control

Their main source of nutrition is wood. Termites infiltrate casings in doors, wooden floors, furniture, etc. To handle them we use a method that is effective and environmentally friendly.

The use of the method (TRR) Trap-Treat-Release is a technique for the control and termination of these social insects. We use pesticides that cannot be recognized by termites. Instead either they swallow it or transfer it with their bodies. Thanks to the fact that termites share their food the spread of the pesticide can be achieved in a short amount of time and in quantities specifically suited for termites which is our goal and not for other species of insects.

It is applied mainly to wooden surfaces with direct contact with the ground (casings, doors, baseboard, parquet flooring) by opening holes and infusing them inside them.

We guarantee the effectiveness of our method.

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