Fight against bedbugs – fleas – ticks

Bedbugs, fleas, and ticks are insects that feed only on blood and that is why they need a host that is often a mammal (cat, dog, human).

In order to feed on blood, a trigger is required such as the vibrations during the movement of the hosts, the CO2 that is emitted from the body of the hosts the increase of the humidity of the environment.

They cause severe dermatitis (red dots that cause severe pain and can last for days). They drink a lot of blood and cause anemics in animals.

They are hosts of pathogenic protozoans (Rickettsia: cause of the endemic typhus, bacilli: of the cause plague, plague). With their saliva, they transmit toxins that can cause even paralysis.

Our company chooses the right method of application both scientifically and efficiently by providing a proper guarantee.

Our goal is the excellent result with the use of harmless, safe, and approved preparations by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

Combating method

The new chemicals-free method can fight bedbugs during all stages of their development even the eggs. Using superheated dry steam, combined with the usage of high-temperature 180°C extermination is instantaneous. What is remarkable is that you do not have to leave the area and after the application, it is delivered to you for use with no danger. At the same time, the space is being decontaminated.

With the correct and meticulous application by our specialized personal only one visit is needed without any repetitions and unnecessary expenses.

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