For disinfection, we use special fumigants without any perfume or corrosives especially in residential areas and food handling areas this is necessary after a raid of rodents since they carry a lot of microbes.

All the formulations we use are harmless to human health but effective against most germs (fungal, bacteria, viruses) and are applied via the method cold-fogger from a specially trained installer.

Special disinfectant applications are needed in schools, kindergartens, yachts, fruit and vegetable chambers, in places where dead animal bodies have remained, birds (barn…etc.),underground cesspools, premises, and refrigerators where fish is being conserved, etc.

Why are Disinfections necessary?

The risks to human health, which stem from the various parasites in homes and professional places, are great. From a simple poisoning to something as severe as death.Disinfection

This is mainly due to the fact that they are hosts of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, chlamydia, Rickettsia, Spirochete, etc. in relation to the notorious leptospirosis is a fatal disease carried by the tail of mice.

Parasites are differentiated in their growth and action. Factors that mainly affect them are the environmental conditions of the area in which they are located.

If the conditions are appropriate, the parasite’s growth is rapid and for this reason, it is important that the disinfection program that you choose is specialized in the parasitic threats you are experiencing or will experience.

Disinfections in businesses

The level of tolerance against parasites varies depending on their species but also on the type and activities of each place.

Disinfection is necessary even when you are just suspecting a raid from “uninvited guests” e.g. rodents, cockroach, fleas, and other insects, especially in places like storage facilities that store food, kitchens, and dining rooms as well as in areas related to health and hygiene (hospitals, doctor’s office, gyms, toilets, etc.).

For disinfections in residential areas and food storages, we use special disinfectant preparations, harmless to human health but effective against parasites. The application is carried out by specially trained installers of our company.

We cover disinfections in places like factories, restaurants, hotels, professional places (food workshops, pastry shops) training facilities, museums, churches, all kinds of means of transport (boats, trains, cars), apartment buildings, etc.

Disinfection certificate

Our company grants a Certificate of Disinfection always following the instructions of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. We use only appropriate disinfection products which are approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food as well as E.O.F. We proceed to the extermination of parasites without any consequences for human health. Our specialized personal ensure that your space is always clean, healthy, and with a proper certificate of disinfection.

You can call us daily for any additional information regarding the disinfection, disinfestations, or rodent control.

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