BATP® (Βiologic Αctive Τissue Paper)

It is an anti-corrosive, non-toxic, and highly environmentally friendly product, the use of which helps to reduce the maintenance costs of your sewer system and saves you money.
The green solution for your toilet, a positive and safe experience for our customers and staff. An internationally patented product BATP (Biologic active tissue paper) contains 5 natural bacterial stains, while it is perfectly safe for humans and the environment. It is activated only when it comes in contact with toilet water, producing enzymes that purify from sediments and organic substances in your sewer system.


Reduces the stench and the levels of cellulose, animal, and vegetable fats, by cleaning pipes, while at the same time enhancing the flow of wastewater and reducing the risk of overflowing or blockage.

Use the biodegradable BATP toilet paper for only 4 weeks and you will be surprised with the result!

Save time and money and you too actively contribute to the protection of the environment.

Immediately eliminate the unpleasant odors.

Reduce the risk of overflow or blockage of your pipes or sewer system. It is not corrosive.

Great way of saving money while simultaneously reducing the maintenance cost and cleaning costs.

Environmentally friendly product: creates a positive image to the customers and helps us come closer to achieving the goal of a cleaner world.

Increase the levels of safety and hygiene in the sanitary areas of your unit.

The continuous action of enzymes against pathogenic micro-organisms.

With the continuous use of biodegradable toilet paper, we solve the main problems that we encounter in our toilets.

Unpleasant odors are derived from fumes due to increased use.

The accumulation of microbes that increases the risk of infection by pathogens and viruses.

Transmission to both the visitors of the unit and the cleaning staff which with increased chemical usage, caused damage to the pipes and the sewer system.

Increased use of the network, which may lead to the risk of overflow or blockage of pipes.

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