Permanently getting rid of rodents is a very difficult task for someone who is not aware of their habits, abilities, and biology. In sensitive areas such as storage or food preparation areas, the control of rodents is carried out with absolute professionalism and safe use of rodent control products.

Much attention needs to be paid during the choice and above all the placement of the baits. Rodent baits need to be secured so that they cannot be transported from rodents to food, equipment, or cookware that can be used by humans, pets, or birds.

The rodenticides that we use are approved by the corresponding department of The Department of Agriculture. The advantages of these formulations are their low risk to human beings and their great and lasting effectiveness.

The special training of our staff in rodent control and the excellent knowledge of the methods and rodenticides we use guarantee excellent results. The selection of the spot and the installation of the bait presuppose this result and we guarantee its excellence in each of our applications.

We use the latest type of hemolytic baits which are approved and proven to be safe for domestic animals and birds and their span exceeds three months. All used formulations are odor-free hemolytic and the corpses of mice give off a minimal odor.


Diseases caused by rodents:

» Plague

» Tririchinosis

» Typhoid fever

» Sarmonella

» Food poisoning

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