Aggeliki Roussou agronomist entomologist

By applying disinfection, disinfestation, or rodent control we aim to combat, prevent and protect our clients from all species of animal pests and sanitation of living areas and areas of circulation, storage, or preparation of food, means of transportation, etc. In this way, we exclude outbreaks of infection, diseases and protect sensitive areas caused by insects and rodents.

We follow scientific working methods and preparations of health importance approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, achieving maximum effectiveness and absence of contamination risks.

We handle the needs of companies that have high-quality standards (ISO-HACCP), providing a folder containing all legally required certificates of disinfection, disinfestations, or rodent control and we update the folder on every visit.

The company obtained on 30/05/2019 the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for the PROVISION OF DISINFECTION, DISINFECTION, AND MYOCIDONE SERVICES which is bound to last until 29/05/2022.

Places we serve

Our company serves and offers its services to:

  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Business premises (food workshops and storages, catering, pastry shops, etc.)
  • Ships (and all means of transport)
  • Institutes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Museums
  • Churches
  • Art collections
  • Wood carvings etc.
  • Construction- Maintenance of greenery with automatic watering, lubrication, pruning, and landscape architecture.

Pest Control

Considering as a given your desire to make your company more competitive, efficient, and profitable for its proper functioning we inform you about the help we can provide via planned operations referred to as disinfections- rodent control.

Our work is being done in the presence of a special scientist in accordance with the law and the trained installer that our company provides. We file reports taking into account the high standards that the ISO 22000-HACCP requires and we deliver to you the special file required by law.

We are obliged to inform you during each and every visit about the progress of our work and to provide you with the appropriate guarantees. The frequency of our visits and applications depends on the type of pathogen, the season, intensity, attack, and conditions prevailing.

We will also provide you with a folder with our legal license as well as the corresponding M.S.D.S. of the reparations we use.

Karambamba 81, Agios Dimitrios 17341

Email: info @ Tel.: 210 99 34 214 Mobile.: 6937 625 479 Fax: 210 99 34 214

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