Bio cleaning is a new method for reducing microbial loads of bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc., and their allergenic feces as well as the exfoliation of the human body: our body hairs, pet hair, etc.

All of the above can be found in the dust and are the main cause of allergies.

When inhaled they cause allergic rhinitis, rainy asthma, and other conditions to the human organism. From scientific announcements, 12% of the Greek population suffers from allergies.

The most effective and nontoxic method is a good cleaning of the area with special machines without chemical preparations.

Our main goal is to remove/ clean mattresses, fabric lounges (sofas- chairs) from the dust, mites, and their feces, the exfoliation of the human body.

In addition, our company with a special type of UV-C lamp relieves you of microbial loads at a percentage of 98%.

Modern anti-pollution technologies and methods today constitute new scientific protection for humans and the living environment.

Bio cleaning (mattresses for mites)

Dust mites

Mites are not visible to the human eye. They live in mattresses, carpets, sofas, or even car seats. The main reason for allergies is the explosion of a harmful protein that can be found in their feces and is present in the dust causing allergic rhinitis, asthma, etc. The main symptom is itching or allergies that occur as rashes (redness) or even allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, and other annoying conditions.

Inhaled allergens are mainly responsible for allergic rhinitis. We avoid the use of chemicals acidifying that may cause side effects to the body.

Special nursery and nursery programs, care facilities for the elderly, military units, camps, country houses, studios, hotels, departments.

It is a new service that we offer to our customers for a low cost.

Hygiene measures

» Washing bed linen with hot water at a recommended temperature of 60 degrees

» Use of cover for the mattresses (coating)

» Exposure of bed linen to the sun for ventilation

» Vacuum cleaning for dust removal but equipped with a special filter

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